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Our Services

FREE online Registration Platform for Race Directors

Be first to the Finish-Line. 

Our full-suite of online tools provide registration, fundraising, volunteer management, promotion, sponsorships, and much more. With minimal technical experience, you can easily manage all web and mobile services for your event.

Timing Services

The bad news is time flies. The good news is...  you can hire us as the pilot!  

Our members support CHIP and TRADITIONAL timing methods that  will accommodate all race sizes. 5Kevents will discuss with your event staff and provide insight into which system will best fit your needs. We also offer free online registration services, sponsorship programs, volunteer management and race necessities to fill all your events needs.

Race Day SWAG / Promotional Products / Awards

Everything we do is by design, contact us to "Go the Distance"! 

Going the distance means getting some goodies.  We are talking freebies, treasures, and swag—whatever you want to call it. Enhance your event with SWAG. Your runners will love it and your sponsors will be greatful! 5Kevents.org carrys all the good stuff!


Race Directors Market Place

This is your gateway to all your race needs.  

We're your source for all your race needs. Marketing Post Cards, Custom Race Bibs, Posters, Course markers and banners.... From Race Pins to Feather flags, 5Kevents has your race needs covered. 

Timing Equipment

This is your gateway to all your race needs.  
Whether you host a single annual event, multiple events, or you’re a weekend warrior, timing events can be fun, lucrative and allows you to enjoy the outdoors. With our professional training and some guided practice, timing events will be second nature to you. We take all the guess work out and provide onsite training with every system purchased.  

Race Course Certification

Runners measure the size of their accomplishments by the obstacles they had to overcome to reach their goals.  Don't sell them short!

Courses must be certified for any road running performance to be accepted as a record or to be nationally ranked. We have found that most 5K and 10K routes do not need to be USTAF Certified. Runners do however want accurate and properly marked courses. Because of this, we offer measuring services that assure up to 97% accuracy on every course. All 5Kevents Race Directors are properly trained on how measure courses.

Themed and Trademarked Events

Hit the ground running! 

If you would like us to duplicate any of our trademarked and themed events in your community, learn about the profit potentials, etc., simply request more information  at 1.877.570.4434. Our trademarked events come with no financial risk to the charity. Check back often as we will add events to our portfolio throughout the year.

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5Kevents is an organization filled with highly talented and experienced professionals. Our founders have over 30 years of executive business history and have orchestrated numerous endurance events over the last decade. The endurance industry is a growing and  is an exciting business, filled with the rewarding possibilities of working with local charities, enhancing your community through events and helping individuals achieve control of their lives through fitness.


We are looking for:

  • Professionals who want to use their experience to help others.
  • Those who want to own their own business and earn a lucrative income.
  • Individuals who enjoy working with people.
  • People who enjoy flexible schedules and the personal freedom of being your own boss.
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Become a Race Director with 5Kevents University

Want to walk the walk—or in this case, run the run? Then it’s time to learn how to talk the talk!  

If you have never orchestrated a race before you will first need to be properly trained to do so. The best solution to get started is to make the best decision on who will train you. 5Kevents University is your opportunity to enter this market.

Join the Movement!

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Themed and Trademarked Events

We make it simple for you to get your events protected.  We make sure all the correct documents are obtained and that you understand each step of the process.  Make sure your event is legally covered with our copyright protection services.