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About Our Company

5Kevents.org  was founded in 2014, with the mission to provide ongoing support and assistance related to the business growth of our members in our association. We started out initially as a resource for existing event planners to connect and work collectively in the endurance industry. 

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We coach and assist Race Directors, Timing Companies, Event Planners and Non-profits refine their existing events so that they are more profitable. Our members help local charities and organizations by doing the same. We also provide training, guidance and counsel to entrepreneurs looking to get started in the industry as an independent or as a future member of 5Kevents.org. Our member’s provide themed and trademarked events that can be reproduced for local organizations to help raise awareness and income for the organizations they support.

There is more to directing a 5k race than appears on the surface. From securing routes and attracting sponsors for your event to marketing your event and protecting events in your territory, you will learn it all with our online resources and training program. Most importantly, you will learn how to make sure your race doesn’t lose money!

Our training fulfills a need in the industry that allows new and existing business to expand in this industry. We are consultants, not a network or franchise. We do not charge royalties or maintain control over our members; we are supported by our members who find value in being a part of our system and who pay monthly dues for our ongoing support.

Race directing involves managing a number of different facets of the event as well as providing the best possible experience for the athletes. 5kevents.org on-line resources will help members navigate issues such as course standards and set up; timing services and results; access to online registration tools, free web sites and buying power for supplies such as T-shirts, medals and ancillary items;  We teach you how to work with your city and county for permitting and insurance requirements–and much, much more.

While access to our training programs, online resources and tools are open to anyone looking to get started in this industry, Our trademarks and themed events are limited to MEMBERS ONLY. One must complete our training program before they will be granted a license to use our trademarks. This assures us that we have properly trained and professional people representing the 5Kevents.org brands. You are not required to become a member after your training, it is completely optional and you are free to build your business completely independent from 5Kevents.org.

5K Events.org® provides a unique support network system for our members. One of the greatest resources for professional and personal development is the connection between professional event planners and race directors in the same industry. Access to other’s experiences and knowledge will allow licensees to broaden their insights, solve challenges and develop innovative ways to build businesses. The relationships formed through networking can be long-lasting and fulfilling from a personal and professional perspective. So if you want to take that first step by learning more more about Team 5K Events, then please contact us!

Patrick Flynn

Managing Member

Co-Founder of 5Kevents.org®



Our Executive Team

Our Office

Our office is located in Racine, WI on the beautiful shore of Lake Michigan. We utilize Gateteway Technical College's Business Resource Center. This facility offers classroom style training, conference rooms and ammenities.  

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Why 5Kevents?

5Kevents.org provides race directors  the most complete and dedicated run/walk event platform in the industry!  As the very first of its kind, we are committed to creating and building an elite team of race directors.

Our commitment to the growth of our members and our focus on helping local charities will be unsurpassed. Membership with 5Kevents.org® not only provides you an opportunity to fine-tune your existing events, it offers you exclusive & protected territories to duplicate our unique and trademarked events along with online tools, race resources, ongoing guidance and counsel.  

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Membership with 5Kevents.org® has its rewards

  • Exclusive Territory for Themed and Trademarked Events
  • Timing Contracts generated by 5Kevents.org
  • Custom eMail
  • National Accounts and Sponsorship
  • Product discounts from Corporate Sponsorship
  • Online access to documents
  • Discounted registration for industry related conferences and events (RRCA  / TEAMS / RUNNING USA) 
  • Free event Listings in Running USA
  • Free event Listings in RRCA web site
  • Key insights, best practices and trends 
  • Social Media promotions of themed and trademarked events
  • Medical, Insurance & Risk Management (Additional cost applies)
  • Access to equipment and software packages to coordinate your own timing services
  • Network with other members on our private social media platforms
  • Unlimited guidance, support and counseling
  • Unlimited access to themed and trademarked events templates to adopt for your community
  • Race Directors Handbook
  • Guide to obtaining sponsorship for your event
  • Internet based financial and accounting software for invoicing, expenses, ROI, etc.
  • Free online registration platform for your events
  • Social media implementation (Facebook, Twitter, etc)
  • Build equity in your business. As the value of our business grows, so do you.
  • There are no restrictions on how many races you can orchestrate and where, members MAY NOT duplicate any of our TEMPLATED Run/Walk events outside their designated territory without permission from 5Kevents. 


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The Executive Team is comprised of individuals with more than 50 years of combined experience in franchising, business development, retail, and events.  Their industry knowledge provides the growth and strategy to lead 5Kevents.org.  Comprised of Presidents, Leaders, and Directors, the Executive Team at 5Kevents.org provides the leadership and direction to catapult our clients into the world of endurance events.

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Patrick Flynn

Co-Founder / Managing Member

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Tristin Erickson


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Michelle Curcio

Event Manager

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Jeff Curcio

Timing Services