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5Kevents University

5Kevents is an organization filled with highly talented and experienced professionals. Our founders have over 30 years of executive business history and have orchestrated numerous endurance events over the last decade. The endurance industry is a growing and  is an exciting business, filled with the rewarding possibilities of working with local charities, enhancing your community through events and helping individuals achieve control of their lives through fitness.



Contact us at 1.877.570.4434 to learn more or attend a webinar, eMail us at joinus@5Kevents.org

  • Professionals who want to use their experience to help others
  • Those who want to own their own business and earn a lucrative income
  • Individuals who enjoy working with people
  • People who enjoy flexible schedules and the personal freedom of being your own boss
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New to Race Directing?


If you have never orchestrated a race before you will first need to be properly trained to do so. The best solution to get started is to make the best decision on who will train you. 5Kevents University is a low cost opportunity to enter this lucrative market.

Investing in training will ensure you fully understand this business. Upon completion we will invite you to become a member of 5Kevents. Training can be done either at our home office or remotely. (Becoming a future member is completely optional upon completion of our training school).

Attend 5Kevents University if:

  • Learn all aspects of becoming a race director
  • Learn how to time race events via chip and/ or traditional timing methods.
  • You want to measure and certify courses
  • Learn how to properly plan a race from start to finish
  • Discover  effective Advertising and Marketing Methods
  • Learn how to use online registration resources
  • How to coordinate Race Day
  • How to order SWAG and Race Necessities
  • You want to align yourself with a group that has a reputation for raising the bar and being technologically advanced.
  • You want to represent successful events 

To learn more about 5Kevents complete our 

Request for Consideration 

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Already a race director or own a timing company?


So you’ve been working as a Race Director for over a year or you 

are a certified event planner? That’s great! We would love to meet. you.

There are many people who end up at 5Kevents regardless of their beginnings in the industry. This is why we have a special path just for you. Because 5Kevents is an Association of Event Planners there are certain requirements that must be met in order to join.

Join 5Kevents if:

  • You want an easy back office administration system so you don’t have to spend much of your time performing administrative tasks.
  • You want to regularly work and collaborate with other successful race directors.
  • You want access to discounted race supplies.
  • You want access to a plethora of professional tools that will COMPLETELY impress the clients you work with.
  • You believe in constant and ongoing professional development.
  • You want to align yourself with a group that has a reputation for raising the bar and being technologically advanced.
  • You want to represent successful events

To learn more about 5Kevents complete our 

Request for Consideration